Video 7 Jun 1 note

Justice — ‘New Lands’

The Sport of the Future. Tron meets Rollerball meets Flash Gordon.

Video 1 Jun 1 note


Hugo Redrose always delivers. Exceptional music paired with telling visuals. Images from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011).


Video 24 Dec

The Guestlist was a weekly music podcast presented by Benjamin Berry of the electronic band Fear of Tigers. You’ll be hard pressed to find them anywhere online now but they were an incredible intro into some fantastic music. The above is an excerpt of a song I requested being played. To quote Electronic Rumours:

  • "Even by the time it hit the internet mid-last year it was already a year old, now over twelve months later it’s out, and sounding fresher than ever. Cordova is the meeting of U-Tern (Vaughn Oliver, making massive waves this year as one half of Oliver themed double act Oliver) and his buddy AJK, with Roxy on vocals, and Paradigm is so good it made it into the top five in our twenty best songs… It’s a massive slice of Dreamwave boogie with husky vocals and Sci-Fi vocoding. Nearly two years after it’s creation it hold up and kicks it’s contemporaries arses!”
Video 21 Sep

Black Light Dinner Party - Gold Chain

Saturated basslines and vintage electronics to glowing harmonics and breathing vocals - BLDPs third release continues the tradition - New York synths, thick, off-kilter beats and Lush Parisian melodies.

Video 28 Jun 5 notes

Neon Boy:

This is amazingly profound. Words cannot express what this video means to me. It has inspired me, it perfectly portrayed how I always felt about life but could not express with words.

When I watched the movie – yes, it was good, but this… it’s like the whole movie was filmed just for the purpose of this music video. And Fred Falke, ahh… the video would not be the same without the nu-disco sound of Aurora – it’s a synergy.

This was not entertainment – this was an experience, a journey through the relationships between people, their values, emotions and feelings… You have managed to capture the essence of life, my friend, Hugo RedRose.

Perfect editing, original and felicitous contribution - you are an artist, and this is a masterpiece. Thank you for making this and sharing it with us.

| Sex | Life | Healing | Sunlight | Nature | Magic | Serenity | Spirit | Music | Love |

(Source: conza)

Video 28 May 1 note

Music of the Moment:

I love sharing music I appreciate. I don’t do album’s, I do individual songs. Quality over quantity forever & always. I don’t tend to share enough (given it’s such a personal thing), unless I notice someone with similar tastes.

I’m definitely not tied down to any genre but am very much swayed by Nu-Disco/Indie Dance, and French House. Songs with vocals, long builds, complex break downs… that make you want to dance either on the inside or out. Although some of the above don’t really fit that description, they are a few choice songs of the moment. I’d suggest listening to the set here on soundcloud if you’re interested.

Otherwise just check out the dancing from 2:50 in the above clip from the Flight Facilities… on loop. Not to mention the sign off.

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Video 1 Jul

Lifelike - So Electric (Olivia video re-edit)

Lifelike’s track “So Electric” meets Olivia Newton John in the movie “Xanadu”. So ridiculously 80’s, so good. Happiness in soundwave form. Long build in, strong finish.

Video 23 Jun 1 note

Can’t Stop Loving You - Chris Malinchak

Definitely not your average run of the mill tune this one. Even better when paired up with such a fitting clip. House. So much joy on the breakdown. Download.

Video 5 May 7 notes

The Shoes - Time to Dance

Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal as a disturbed killing machine who chases his victims up fire escapes, into back alleys, and through strip clubs before he violently slays them.

Breakdown: Dance, don’t murder. Long answer: He kills people who dance because he can’t or won’t dance himself. At the end hes got the ‘murder-moves’ (energy that needs to go somewhere). He’s better off dancing. The song at the start is ‘America’. Now view full screen in HD.

Video 4 May 3 notes

Band of Horses - The Funeral (Now In Stereo’s Ode to Liam Tasker edit)

A small tribute to the most fecking awesome son/brother/friend you could ask for! Miss you so much little brother, sleep well!

NowInStereo:  @Conza★ hey thanks for the comment, it was a tribute remix we done for my brother who was killed in Afghanistan.”
  • An Army dog that held the record for finding the most home-made bombs and weapons in Afghanistan has died after his handler was killed.

    Lance Corporal Liam Tasker, 26, of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, and Theo, a 22-month-old springer spaniel cross, came under small arms fire in the Nahr-e Saraj district in Helmand Province.

    Lance Corporal Tasker was shot dead and it is understood that Theo died from a seizure at Camp Bastion.

    Theo an Arms Explosive Search dog, who acted as the “front man” of the patrol suffered a broken heart due to his dedication to Lance Corporal Tasker.

Poignant. End the Wars!
Video 6 Apr 3 notes

Kinsella on the Music Industry’s Business Model

Stephan Kinsella is interviewed on Houston’s Public Affairs Public Access Live program, with host David Hutzelman about Intellectual Property. Here he discusses the music industry’s business model, as well as artists, authors, musicians and publishers.

Text 15 Feb 7 notes The Valentines Countdown

Working on the vague theme of ‘love' this is probably best viewed from the page, not your dash. Describing music is generally pretty hard. However, I really enjoy sharing songs I like. * Indicates a film-clip, otherwise it’s just audio. Youtube is easier to embed than soundcloud. The below songs are a mix of different genres that even I find hard to categorize; indie-dance, chillwave, house, disco-house, luvstep and who knows what other genres get made up. I hope you enjoy.

[10]         |   Silicon Love (Original Mix) by Lifelike  

*A great film clip which matches the music pretty perfectly.

[9]          |   No Guns And Horses, Just Make Love by Ellie Goulding, Daft Punk & Monsieur Adi 

"No stranger to sophisticated remix work, producer Monsieur Adi recently created a mashup between his rendition of Ellie Goulding’s "Guns And Horses" and Daft Punk’s "Make Love". As usual, Adi utilizes electrifying strings arrangements and couples them with the British songstress’s soothing voice and adds a little mellow electronica to the blend."

[8]          |   All The Time We Were In Love (Sohight remix) by Cosmonaut Grechko   | Download.

Click the bold for the soundcloud link. A real great smooth song, chill’d but uplifting disco house.

[7]          |    Love on a Real Train (SymbolOne remix) by Tangerine Dream 

*Another fine video here. A real classic.

[6]          |   I Love U So (TROWA Remix) by Cassius

A different kind of dubstep. Luvstep.

[5]          |   Make Love Tonight (Lifelike Re-Edit) by Roman d’Amour  

French house. Lifelike turns things to gold.

[4]          |   Cosmic Love (Short Club Remix) by Florence and the Machine

Mellow, but builds… beautiful. A song hard not to fall in love with, maybe a cosmic love then. Wonderful Florence and the Machine track that with this wonderful remix makes me want to love the whole cosmos.

[3]          |   Love Will Guide You (Edwin Van Cleef Remix) by Shinichi Osawa

Edwin van Cleef, one of my favorites. “An electro-pop killer which fans of indie-disco a la Kitsuné will die for.” - Juno

[2]          |   So Much Love To Give by Thomas Bangalter & DJ Falcon   |   Download.

Classic French House. Thomas Bangalter - half of Daft Punk. Prepare for this to get in your head… maybe due to the length.

[1]          |   In Love With You by The Paradise

Another French House classic. The Paradise is Alan Braxe. I consider this pretty much timeless.

These were quickly whacked together. If you’re looking for music geared towards an actual mixtape for a special occasion this might be something worth checking out.

Video 28 Jan 12 notes

Jaaam (The Fresh Prince Remix)

Pogo's mashup of voices and beats from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. A catchy tune with plenty of feel good vibes and a nice dash of nostalgia. Free download here.

Video 5 Jan 8 notes

A Special Blend of 2011 

This is a chilled mixtape I made for what I think were the best songs of last year with that vibe. I enjoy sharing music, so feedback (good or bad) is always welcome! If you think I missed anything, speak up!

Perfect tumblr music haha. Tracklist is available here. Free download too.

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