Text 18 May 7 notes Argumentation Ethics

Chief sources:

  • Chapter 11 - From the Economics of Laissez Faire to the Ethics of Libertarianism (II. p311) (Argumentation and Self-Ownership | Mises Daily) A brief excerpt.
  • Chapter 13 - On the Ultimate Justification of the Ethics of Private Property (p350) 
  • Appendix - Four Critical Replies (p410)




    AE only serves as a negative critique of justifiable norms. It bounds the scope of norms that can be consistently justified without pain of contradiction.

    "Here the praxeological proof of libertarianism has the advantage of offering a completely value-free justification of private property. It remains entirely in the realm of is-statements and never tries to derive an “ought” from an “is.” ~ Economics and Ethics of Private Property, p345.

    "My entire argument, then, claims to be an impossibility proof. But not, as the mentioned critics seem to think, a proof that means to show the impossibility of certain empirical events, so that it could be refuted by empirical evidence [such as the existence of non-libertarian societies-RPM and GC]. Instead, it is a proof that it is impossible to justify non-libertarian property principles without falling into contradictions…empirical evidence has absolutely no bearing on it." (Hoppe 1988, p. 53)

    A place holder for easy access to the sources on AE. Feel free to discuss it’s merits, while you engage in argumentation ;)

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